The Vermont Marble Museum of Proctor, Vermont is preparing to reopen to the public in July 2023 as it transitions to reorganize its exhibits, collections, and programming.

The museum seeks a manager who will implement the revival phase of the museum with the assistance of a highly involved Board of Directors, volunteer docents, student interns, and consultants. The ideal candidate will be creative, detail-oriented, flexible, and open-minded and have a minimum of three years of management or demonstrated leadership experience. Fundraising, with the help of the Board, will be critically important and will include visiting with potential donors, grant-writing, hosting special donor events, and representing the museum’s vision and plans to the public. The manager will direct daily operations of the museum Tuesday through Saturday between June and October. Although the position is seasonal, there is an opportunity for it to become full time to include off-season fundraising, grant-writing, donor relations, and managing and growing online sales and fulfillment.

Compensation for the position is $25/hour with no benefits.

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To apply, please email your resume, cover letter, and list of three employment references to Robert Stein, VMM Board President at

Vermont Marble Museum Manager Job Description

Position Title: Museum Manager

Position Status: Nonexempt employee

Reports to: Executive Board

Position Summary:

The Museum Manager is expected to implement the revival or start-up phase of the Vermont Marble Museum as designed by the board and consultants. The manager works collaboratively with the museum board and volunteers to create a vibrant historical and cultural center by implementing new exhibits and public and educational programs. Fundraising, with the help of the board, is an important role of the position and includes visiting with potential donors, grant-writing, hosting special donor events, and representing the museum’s vision and plans to the public. The manager directs the museum’s daily operations, including admissions, gift shop sales and inventory, and online sales’ product fulfillment. The museum manager accounts for financial receipts from admissions, sale of goods, and charitable donations.

Essential Functions of the Job:

Under the immediate direction of the executive board, the museum manager will 1) oversee the day-to-day operations of the Vermont Marble Museum, 2) be responsible for implementing regular human resource and finance functions, 3) create exhibits and accompanying programs in collaboration with consulting professionals, 4) support volunteers in their effort to organize and catalog the collections, 5) implement marketing and communication strategies to maximize visitor and membership growth, and 6) pursue financial stability of the museum through grants, financial appeals, sponsorships, and donations of cash, materials, and in-kind services.

Competencies Required:

Interpersonal Savvy

• Uses professionalism, diplomacy, and tact to create trust and build constructive relationships.

• Diffuses high tension situations comfortably.

• Balances substance with rapport.

• Actively attends to the tone/mood/energy of the room and adjusts accordingly.


• Balances active listening with authentic storytelling to strategically motivate others to action.

• Communicates with the audience in mind. Uses awareness of others to guide the narrative.

• Delivers full spectrum communication including intension, goal, deliverables, plan of action, execution, and follow-up.

• Communicates with passion, empathy, integrity, deliberation, and authenticity.

Decision Quality

• Makes good decisions based on analysis, wisdom, experience, and historical judgement.

• Demonstrates decision agility, balancing speed with intentionality and operational factors with overarching vision, to make the best decisions possible.

Education & Experience:

Bachelor’s degree required with a minimum of three years of management or demonstrated leadership experience.


• Ability to read, write, speak to and connect with designated audiences, communicating interpersonally in a professional manner emphasizing tact, discretion, and courtesy, particularly when directly seeking donor financial support.

• Ability to clearly articulate ideas in a dynamic way in meetings and in group presentations.

• Ability to think and communicate strategically while maintaining a full understanding of the tactical objectives around project implementation.

• Ability to organize, prioritize and process multiple priorities, maintain composure under stress, and execute decisions in a timely manner.

• Maintain a high measure of confidentiality regarding conversations, plans, records, and other information relating to business operations.

• Understand, communicate, and interpret financial, operational, and compliance-related concepts and/or work-related documents.

• Strong self-motivated work ethic, flexibility, and proven ability to work independently as well as collaboratively and constructively as a member of a small team.

Physical Requirements:

Work is usually performed at the Vermont Marble Museum. Occasional weekend and evening work as well as travel may be necessary. Must have physical dexterity necessary to operate standard office equipment and carry collections and sales items weighing up to 35 pounds. The position frequently requires limited movement in one location for long periods (whether sitting or standing) generally oriented around a desk. Some remote work may be considered.

Expectations of the Vermont Marble Museum Manager


  1. Recruit volunteers and lead training sessions
  2. Lead, manage and support the museum’s volunteers in their efforts to operate the gift shop, provide tours and programming, work with the museum’s collections, develop new exhibits, and promote the museum.
  3. Lead volunteer meetings every two weeks and optimize the performance of the team, keeping a positive work environment and team spirit
  4. Prepare monthly statistics concerning staffing, museum visitors, website visitors, gift shop sales, donations, and other reporting as determined by the board to demonstrate the museum’s progress
  5. Work alongside the executive board to implement museum policies and procedures, including finances, collections, human resources, communications, and other appropriate issues


  1. Implement a basic fundraising plan with consulting assistance
  2. Participate in the implementation of individual solicitations
  3. Create materials for community fundraising and online fundraising
  4. Conduct or oversee the recordkeeping and acknowledgement of charitable giving

Marketing and Communications

  1. Responsible for daily communications and implementing the marketing strategy developed by the Board
  2. Produce press releases, social media posts, mass emails, and fliers, and oversee their distribution and monitoring of their impact
  3. Attend and host any/all public events at the Museum
  4. Promote the museum, its tours, gift shop, and programs with the aim of enhancing the profile of the museum and creating visitor growth and financial stability
  5. Keep the museum’s website up to date and accurate

Exhibitions and Collections Care

  1. Lead on coordinating the museum’s new exhibits and programs as decided by the museum board
  2. Take on the day-to-day responsibility for collections care, including organizing, boxing, inventorying, and cataloging the museum’s collections

Visitor Services

  1. Lead in the set up and maintenance of the museum’s gift shop and admissions area
  2. Coordinate the staffing of the museum’s gift shop and admissions
  3. Acquire visitor feedback on the museum’s gift shop, staffing, exhibits, website, and other appropriate issues
  4. Ensure that consistently a high standard of visitor service and excellence in customer care is delivered by all museum volunteers

Facilities Management

  1. Work alongside the executive board and landlord to ensure the safety and comfort of the volunteers and visitors as well as the safety of the museum’s exhibits and collections
  2. Employ effective strategies to maintain the common spaces and museum spaces within the building

Please send any questions to:  or call our administrative phone, 802-552-0889, and one of us will call you back.