May 30-31, 2015

The Rutland Garden Club presented A Standard Flower Show entitled “Songs of the Seasons.”  Division I featured floral designs including an Underwater Challenge Class, a Small Design Class, a Functional Table Design Breakfast Tray, an Illuminary Class and a Freedom of Style Class.

Division II presented over 100 judged horticulture exhibits including Classes on Hosta leaves, Perennials and Branches to name a few. Division III included Special Exhibits on Bees and another on Vermont Endangered and Invasive plants.
The show was held at the Vermont Marble Museum, 52 Main Street, Proctor, VT on Saturday, May 30, 2015. This was the first Rutland Garden Club Standard Flower Show since 2000.

Photos from the Rutland Garden Club Flower Show. Click on the images to the right to enjoy highlights from the show.